The Cooperators Are A Canadian Gem

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What makes a great insurance broker?

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Why co-ops are better

The Co-operators Group Limited (CGL) is a Canadian-owned amalgamated with over 70 Decades of history. Our associates comprise co-operatives and credit union centrals. From communities throughout the nation, they symbolize a number of businesses, including agriculture, finance, support, retail/consumer and health, and labor.

Business based on shared values

Our business choices are guided by our co-operative principles, so the demand for profitability is balanced with the needs of our members and their communities. Making people a priority and taking a view of business choices makes The different from many insurers.

What is a co-operative?

Generally speaking, a co-operative is a business owned and democratically controlled by the people who use its services. The user-owners are known as associates and they gain in two ways in the co-operative:

  • Products and services are customized to match their needs
  • Profits are distributed to associates depending on the quantity of business they do with the co-operative.

Co-operatives can supply almost any item or service, can be either non-profit or for-profit associations, and flourish equally in urban and rural facilities.

What’s the distinction between co-ops and businesses?

Co-operatives are associations who care not only about their business’ bottom line but also in their members’ needs and the quality of life in their communities. Co-ops and credit unions compete without abandoning the values and principles that set them apart from other business models.

Co-operatives and credit unions differ from other businesses concerning function, control structure, and allocation of gain. As a, we’re different from other financial institutions


We are committed to our customers in all parts of Canada. We’ll work together with our clients to make the choices if it comes to changes regarding policy.

Control structure

We are controlled by the member organizations that use our products and services. The organization, not cash is controlled by folks; each member has an equal voice.

Allocation of gain

As we gain, and thus do our members. Profits are shared among workers and associates, spent in enhancing service and utilized to encourage the well-being of those communities where we live and work.

How we follow the seven co-operative principles

All of the co-operatives around the world share the exact same seven principles as defined by The International Co-operative Alliance. We adhere to these principles in these manners:

Voluntary and open membership

We work hard to have diversity in our membership concerning demographics, geography, and industries to permit unique views in our governance.

Democratic member control

Our members are involved in all levels of governance, such as our board, whose members have been 100% derived from the membership. Each participant has two votes at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and then input to our Democratic Structure Review, future direction, and strategy sessions. Additionally, there are member representatives on our Business Giving and Community Economic Development Funds (CED) committees.

Member economic participation

When The Co-operators is rewarding, our Member Loyalty Program pays members in relation to the amount of business they do with us. Members may utilize this payment to cancel their registration fee that is one-time if necessary.

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